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Highest Ranked

  • Chinami Oka (9.75)
  • Glasan (9.40)
  • Nanako Shichigusa (9.32)
  • Hibino Shiba (9.26)
  • Izumi Sawatari (9.24)
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Most Votes

  • Ruiko Saten (402)
  • Asuna Yuuki (264)
  • Iwasawa (212)
  • Saya Takagi (189)
  • C.C. (184)
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Most Recent Votes

  • Wendy Iahato (9)
  • Ayse Khadim (9)
  • Yohko Mano (8)
  • Rei Ayanami (9)
  • Fuu (9)
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With a Little Help From My Friends

by Panadero - August 23, 2010 11:21:40 AM MST

Our friend MrWizard0022 has returned with more submissions, including the recent series Durarara!!, the fantastic classic Rurouni Kenshin, and a series I've heard good things about but not yet gotten around to seeing, Utawarerumono. That's actually not all that was submitted, so MrWizard0022, please email me so I can ask a couple questions about the rest of your submissions so I can get them up! I've also updated the submission guidelines to ask for the inclusion of an email address we can use to contact people who make submissions if we need to. For now at least, sixteen more girls are up for voting.

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