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Highest Ranked

  • Urumi Kanzaki (9.59)
  • Hibino Shiba (9.54)
  • Isuzu Sento (9.54)
  • Maggie Mui (9.54)
  • Mai Kawakami (9.54)
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Most Votes

  • Isuzu Sento (876)
  • Saya Takagi (823)
  • Saeko Busujima (805)
  • Yoko Ritona (788)
  • Riza Hawkeye (766)
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Most Recent Votes

  • Lum Invader (10)
  • Louise (6)
  • Kallen Kozuki (10)
  • Atsuko Fukune (8)
  • Yumi (5)
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Dracula: Sovereign of Crap

by Prince Io - August 4, 2009 7:40:00 PM MST

After finding out about this movie I just had to find a copy of it and watch it. Holy wow, Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned is one of the absolute worst movies I have seen in my life. The general plot is that Dracula steals away an evil cult's offering of a woman for Satan and ends up falling in love with her. He tries to live his life in Boston (oh yeah, he was run out of Transylvania by vampire hunters and decides, of all the places on Earth, to hole up in BOSTON) but again is hounded by more vampire hunters: Van Helsing's granddaughter, an old wheelchair-bound man, and a third guy they recruit because of his martial arts abilities. The three vampire hunters have very little reason to do ANYTHING against Dracula, but they hunt him anyway. When Dracula's son is accidentally killed, well damn, then you KNOW things go to hell. There's so much horrible awesome in this movie (the crappy animation and the truly horrific English dubbing) I can't even begin to explain it. All I'll say is this: Dracula - in a restaraunt - eating a hamburger. Yeah. Oh and there are two characters from the movie to vote on. Enjoy!

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