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Highest Ranked

  • Urumi Kanzaki (9.59)
  • Hibino Shiba (9.54)
  • Isuzu Sento (9.54)
  • Maggie Mui (9.54)
  • Mai Kawakami (9.54)
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Most Votes

  • Isuzu Sento (876)
  • Saya Takagi (823)
  • Saeko Busujima (805)
  • Yoko Ritona (788)
  • Riza Hawkeye (766)
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Most Recent Votes

  • Mashiro Shiina (10)
  • Lacus Clyne (10)
  • Makoto Konno (10)
  • Sayoko Nanamori (8)
  • Mayura Momouchi (10)
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Something Like Human

by Panadero - December 5, 2009 2:17:00 PM MST

This fine winter afternoon we have two series which deal with artificial humans with souls. In the first case, that of the Saber Marionette franchise - consisting of Saber Marionette R, Saber Marionette J, Saber Marionette J Again, and Saber Marionette J to X - the characters in question are mechanical and have mechanically-derived souls. In the case of the Rozen Maiden franchise - consisting of Rozen Maiden, Rozen Maiden Traumend, and Rozen Maiden Ouverture - the characters in question are more magically-inclined with magical souls. In both cases, you're dealing with excellent series. Saber Marionette is a classic example of great 90s anime with action, comedy, and Megumi Hayashibara. Rozen Maiden is a modern classic with dolls I actually don't find creepy and a surprisingly good mix of action and drama. Between them there are 21 more girls that need your votes, so get cracking!

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