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Highest Ranked

  • Urumi Kanzaki (9.59)
  • Hibino Shiba (9.54)
  • Isuzu Sento (9.54)
  • Maggie Mui (9.54)
  • Mai Kawakami (9.54)
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Most Votes

  • Isuzu Sento (876)
  • Saya Takagi (823)
  • Saeko Busujima (805)
  • Yoko Ritona (788)
  • Riza Hawkeye (766)
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Most Recent Votes

  • Mayura Momouchi (10)
  • Edward (10)
  • Mizuho Kazami (6)
  • Chikako Ogawa (5)
  • Yukari Tanizaki (10)
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Hot Update for the Sweltering Summer

by Panadero - July 23, 2016 3:16:50 PM MST

Looks like we finally got ourselves another update, and right in the middle of a brutal summer. Let's see what's new, shall we?

First up, we have the fun Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight!, a slice-of-life series about the efforts of a group of girls to restore fun and pride to their school. Even though it aired before the moe trend was in full force, it catpures a lot of that style, and though there wasn't much to the series, it was a nice diversion.

Next we have the oddball short-form series Himegoto, in which a male student is obliged to cross-dress as a girl in return for the student council paying off his insurmountable debt. The four-to-five minute episode lengths were just enough for the humor to not grow too stale, even though it felt like the series focused just a bit too much on inflicting shame and embarrassment on the main character.

I've also added characters from Go! Princess Precure to the Pretty Cure entry. While I'm still waiting for a Pretty Cure series to recapture the magic of Heartcatch, this series was quite fun if a bit by the numbers. Haruka really grew on me by the end.

Lastly, I've added the characters from Rozen Maiden Zur├╝ckspulen to the Rozen Maiden entry. I finally got around to watching the series recently and was overall happy with it. Though it felt very slow in the first half, it was great to see the dolls back again (particularly Suiseiseki and Kanaria, my favorites).

Have fun voting, and stay cool out there!

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